MessyPlay Rules of Operation


Course in progress in designated time in premises company MessyPlay Ltd on address Ladova 2043/5, 128 00 Prague 2 (" Operovazna ")


The reservation of the MessyPlay course is made by each person interested in the course themselves in reservation system on the website 1 . To make a reservation, you must be logged in to your user account 2 or create one during the reservation. Please pay attention to filling in the correct email and phone number for subsequent communication. Your account will be available to you from the e-shop environment 3 located on on the website . Overview O of their own reservations (including options cancel or move the reservation) can be found in your user account in the " Bookings " tab 4 .

We will confirm the reservation only after payment of the course fee. We can make unconfirmed reservations without further notice cancel.


The capacity of the course is designed for a maximum of 7 children and 6 adults (multi-person accompaniment by prior arrangement).

Organization course and individual hours

MessyPlay lesson Yippee possible visit after individual hours or with by purchase season tickets, when entry is financially discounted. The season ticket must be purchased in agreed date, extension of validity is not possible 5 . The duration of one lesson is 75 minutes and consists of:

  1. Welcome, thematic introduction, motivation, introducing activities 5-10 minutes
  2. Formation, painting, gaming 50-55 min
  3. End bubbles, cleaning, changing clothes 15 min.

Lesson they start always in designated time and door MessyPlay with they open 5 minutes before at the beginning of class.

We recommend with with myself bring spare clothes for children, on legs anti-slip boots, long sleeves in the autumn and winter months (it can be cold from the floor).





5 In special ones cases (e.g. birth, long term stay in abroad) we assess possibility season ticket extension individually.


Stroller parking is possible in the passage of the house (Ladova No. 5), which is locked (the key to the passage is available in Operational and must always be returned). It is possible to rent a lock or bring your own. The passage is located outside the premises of the premises and neither we nor the owner of the house is responsible for any damage, parking the pram is solely at your own risk. Prams are parked at the back of the passage on the left, marked with a picture of a pram. Entrance with It is possible to take a pram to the Office if you have a lying baby with you.

Annulment reservation and return paid lessons

Annulment reservation with performs exclusively over user account in bookmarks bookings, and it max. 24 throw before the start of the lesson. The customer can request a refund of the paid amount by sending an email to . (max. 24 hours before the start of the lesson). IN the order/reservation number, the customer's first and last name and the account number to which the refund is to be sent must be included in the request .

We reserve the right to cancel an individual MessyPlay class, v in such a case, we return 100% of the amount paid for the canceled hour/hours or offer an alternative date upon agreement.

IN others cases for paid off lesson money we do not return and it neither when, that with party on he does not show up for class.

Substituting/excusing hours

Management Yours reservation (annulment, replacing moving) performs each user alone in the reservation system via your user account in the Bookings tab.

Changing the date of the reservation is possible no later than 24 hours before the start of the lesson. You can change the date in your account in the Bookings tab via the Edit reservation button. Within the available capacity of all running courses, the reservation system will offer you the possibility to choose the date of the replacement class.

Replacement hours can be selected at any time during the ongoing course if there is free capacity in within all ongoing courses.

If you won't make it go out all lesson that purchased season tickets, Yippee possible convert max. 2 MessyPlay lessons for the next season ticket purchased.

Cooperation parents

At lessons MessyPlay Yippee important cooperation parents, who children they lead to independence, but also to cleanliness and work system:

  1. If Yippee picture painted, I will wash you are after to myself brush :)
  2. If something spill so it does not matter, but I sweep after to myself :)
  3. If I pour out water or color, so it does not matter, but wipe it after to myself :)

4. If i have dirty hands from formation, I go you are Yippee to wash to you are could play with a model or stacking cubes :)

Adjustment rules

We reserve the right to supplement, modify or change the MessyPlay Rules of Operation, especially s with regard to safety and comfort children and their escort and on fluent organization course. Instruction lecturer during the hour they have priority over these operating regulations.

Friendly environment

Ours rules with don't worry we try with create pleasant atmosphere how for children, so for parents and too much of us looking forward to that most of your all adheres to with joy and automatically. The goal MessyPlay lessons Yippee, except the development of your children's skills, the good feeling of having a good time.