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What is the shelf life of Formela?

Formela, which is stored in a cool place (fridge, pantry) and in a plastic box with a lid, can last up to 6 months. Because it is produced without chemical additives, it is necessary to start modeling as soon as possible, otherwise it could quickly spoil (mould). Keep Formel refrigerated. Play with Formela often and PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK the condition of the substance before giving it to children. Formela is not intended for storage, but for immediate use. Of course, the way we work with Formela also has an effect on the service life of Formela. If mess or crumbs from food accumulate on the model, it needs to be replaced more often.

What happens if a child swallows or tastes Formela?

Formela is made from edible ingredients, but because it contains more salt, it is not good at all. I do not recommend letting children taste Formela, some types of our Formela contain essential oil and glitter. Formela is not intended for food.

How do we know that Formela is unusable?

If the model starts to stick or is significantly softer than usual, it is not a good idea to continue playing with it.

What is Formela made of?

Our Formela is made from non-toxic ingredients: wheat flour, salt, potassium tartrate, vegetable oil, food coloring, water. Some types of modeling clay also contain essential oil from the Czech company Saloos and glitter.

Does Formela leave stains?

Some colors can leave stains on a pure white surface. Therefore, it is better to use a work mat. Any colored stains can be easily removed with a cleaning powder.

Is it possible to remove Formel from the carpet?

Yes, the model can be easily brushed from carpets. Nevertheless, we recommend using a work mat.

Do you have any other questions?

You contact us, we will be happy to help you.