Rozvoj kreativity a motorických schopností

Development of creativity and motor skills

Playing with Formela is not only fun, but brings many benefits for the development of children's creativity and fine motor skills.

Formela is an ideal tool for developing children's creativity. This toy allows children to experiment with shapes, colors and textures, stimulating their imagination and creative thinking. Children can create all kinds of models according to their imagination, which strengthens their ability to think abstractly and creatively.

Tips for parents to support their children's creativity while playing with Modelina Formela:

Give them freedom. Let children freely experiment with Formela and do not limit them in their creative expressions. Support their ideas and encourage them not to be afraid to create new things.

Suggest different challenges and projects to the children that they can implement with Formela. You thereby motivate them to create and expand their creative horizons .

Playing with Formela also supports the development of fine motor skills. Manipulation and shaping of models and figurines requires precise movements of hands and fingers, which strengthens fine motor skills and coordination of movements.

Tips for parents to support the development of their children's motor skills while playing with Modelina Formela :

Offer children different tools for modeling, such as rollers, knives or molds, which you can buy here . This will allow them to experiment with different techniques and develop different motor skills.

Play together and show children different modeling techniques. Playing together promotes family well-being while also providing opportunities for children to learn from adults.

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