Formela pomáhá dětskému rozvoji

Formula helps children's development

When creating with Formela, children develop a whole range of skills and abilities that are key to their harmonious development.

Playing with models is one of the most popular children's activities and no wonder! Children love to work with their hands and use their rich imagination and imagination. During this creative game, they develop not only their aesthetic sense, but also fine motor skills and many other important abilities and skills.

When creating with our Formula, children develop a whole range of skills and abilities that are key to their harmonious development. These include, for example, creativity and imagination. The model is like a magical substance that allows children to create their own worlds and stories. Every playful moment is so full of imagination and creativity. Children can create all kinds of characters, buildings, animals or even whole worlds according to their imagination.

Manipulating the model requires fine hand and finger movements, which helps children strengthen fine motor skills. The creation of small details and precise work with material are great training for the development of fine motor skills.

The process of modeling and shaping stimulates children's sensory perception, which has a positive effect on their sensorimotor development. They explore the texture, shape and weight of the model, which supports the development of their sensory abilities.

When working with Formela, they focus on details and work with precision, which strengthens their ability to focus on tasks. This activity requires patience and concentration, which has a positive effect on the development of their mental abilities.

They also strengthen the muscles of the fingers, palms and wrists, which contributes to better pencil grip and better writing in the future. In this way, children build strong and dexterous hands, which are key to successfully handling school tasks.

If they play with the model in a group, they learn to share, communicate and cooperate with others. This strengthens their social skills and ability to work in a team. Creating and sharing ideas and experiences together strengthens children's relationships and social interactions.

Using themed work mats, children can further develop their language and math skills or acquire knowledge in the field of natural sciences. The model room thus provides not only a fun and creative activity, but also a space for education and the development of various skills.

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